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We come from a humble Origin and strive to achieve extraordinary things...
I have not always led a healthy lifestyle. I was keeping a very hectic schedule, working numerous jobs, eating whatever I could grab on-the-go and living a ‘work hard, play hard’ lifestyle. As a result, I felt terrible, I was always tired and it really started to take its toll on my body. In 2013, at over 19st. I decided enough was enough and that a serious lifestyle change was needed. Through managing energy balance by eating great food and going my local martial arts club, I managed to lose 5st! As a result I became fascinated with health and nutriton. I recently qualified for a Postgraduate Certificate in Food, Nutrition and Health in UCD, where I plan to finish my Masters Degree.

Getting fit and eating healthy doesn't happen overnight and it takes consistency and smarter choices which lead to a sustainable lifestyle change. I have stayed away from most ‘health’ foods that nutrition companies push, such as 'dessert-like' protein bars and cookies, due to the unnatural taste, over-the-top processing and ingredients such as palm oil, bulking agents and polyols. I remember picking up a very popular protein bar and reading on the back of the label that 'consumption of this product may lead to laxative effects', I thought to myself; ‘food with health warnings is not food...’. There really should be a natural, quality protein bar on the shelves that people can trust.
Origin Bars Facility
Over the past three years I made hundreds of variations, but I finally made bars with 17g's of protein in flavours I was very happy with. However, as we use 100% natural ingredients such as dates and honey, I did have a concern about the naturally occurring sugars. This spurred me on to further develop the nutrition and I decided to do some research. I found the perfect ingredient to help! We use prebiotic, which is a plant fibre that is very healthy for the gut, it also slows down the absorption of these naturally contained sugars which means our bars give slow release energy, and also combined with protein and healthy fats, provide a high satiety level (keeps you fuller longer).
Origin Protein Bars were nearly ready. I tested them on my work colleagues, and on students in my local college... and they loved them. I made as much as I physically could, got some labels made up in the local printers and I brought them to trial them at our local market... They sold out before 12pm, I could not believe it! It was clear I had a protein bar that people genuinely loved and feedback was great. 
As a result, Origin Bars was born. We are founded on a simple idea; that healthy eating should consist of natural foods that tastes great. We set out to deliver great tasting, highly nutritious protein bars that anyone can eat, even if you’re not a body builder!
I really hope you like my bars as much as I do, feel free to get in contact with me on hello@originbars.ie 
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