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OUR ORIGIN [Image of me and Ross in Origin tops]




In 2014 we started making snacks natural and better, little did we know both our journey's would meet at a crossroads and blossom into something that would change the world, here's the simple version...

Protein bars were beginning to blossom in the main stream and Niall started making natural ones in a rent-by-the hour kitchen. He was selling them out of his car boot at farmers markets, making protein bars better, one bar at a time.
Billtong wasn't a thing yet, Ross was moving back from South African and he was the guy that made it a thing, a pretty big thing. So much so you now he it everywhere across Europe. The lads met though work and after many meetings decided they wanted to join forces for a cause they loved... So Ross packed his bags, family and all and set up in Co. Kerry. 

Niall & Ross shared a love of natural nutrition and common passion for cleaning our oceans of plastic. They joined forces and decided that enough this was going to be one of toughest journeys of their lives, that it was time to go all in on sustainable nutrition and building a community that was set out to change the world. This was when All Real was born. Sounds pretty simple right?

We spent years obsessing and researching the best ingredients, balancing cutting edge food science with innovation in natural foods while working on our cause. eventually after 1,000's of batches and very understanding partners, we cracked it! Perfect recipe, marched with the perfect packaging, wrapped up in the perfect brand. 

Follow along and join in!

[Image of Me and Ross in the kitchen inspecting ingredients]



 [Scrolling images of old images of Niall & Ross starting out]